Toke and Poke: Cannabis and Sex

Published: December 21, 2022

If you want to improve your sexual experiences with your partner, one thing that you might want to try doing is smoking some cannabis. Of course, you can also vaporize your cannabis or consume it in the form of edibles.

However, the point here is that cannabis and sex do share quite an interesting relationship because one does seem to be improved by the other.

What we mean here is that your sex life can be greatly improved by consuming a bit of marijuana before you perform this intimate act. Let’s figure out exactly how marijuana can impact your sexual experiences, what strains are best for sex, and more. 

Benefits of Having Sex While High

The first thing that we want to do here is to take a closer look at exactly what kind of benefits you stand to gain from smoking a bit of weed before you have sex. You are about to find out, there are actually quite a few different benefits to smoking or vaporizing weed before you have some naughty fun. 

1. Cannabis as an Aphrodisiac

Although the research that has been performed on this front is quite limited, the fact of the matter is that research does show that cannabis acts as an aphrodisiac. In other words, users report that after they smoke, vape, or ingest marijuana, their libido greatly increases. Simply put, when smoke weed, your desire to have sex is going to increase. Therefore, if you are experiencing a lack of libido, something that your partner definitely doesn’t appreciate, smoking a bit of weed might just be the solution.

2. More Sensitivity and Better Orgasms

Although the research on this front is also a bit limited, there is also some evidence that supports the claim that marijuana can make you more sensitive. There are some strains of marijuana out there that may increase your sensitivity to touch, and yes, this also counts for your sexual organs.

Therefore, as far as men and women are concerned, after having smoked or consumed cannabis, sex tends to just feel much better.

On that same note, there are also many women out there that report that marijuana consumption has the ability to make their orgasms much more intense and last much longer. Therefore, if your partner is having trouble achieving an orgasm, especially a long-lasting and intense one, consuming some marijuana beforehand is the ideal solution.

3. Time Perception is Slowed Down + Stamina Matters

What many users also report about smoking or consuming marijuana before sex is that their perception of time is slowed down. Therefore, if you’re somebody who jumps the gun sometimes and doesn’t last all that long, slowing down time might just be the right solution here. Although weed might not always make you last longer, it can decrease the perception of how time passes. This time passes slower, sex seems to take longer, and everybody likes that. Some people ask do you last longer when high? The answer here is probably not, but it just makes everything seem like it takes longer.

4. It’s All About Relaxation

The other thing worth noting here is that marijuana is of course something that helps to calm you down and relax you. If you are someone who is really nervous about having sex, then the relaxing effects of marijuana could be exactly what you need to get into the right mindset. People also note feeling more aroused before and after having consumed marijuana, which is rather perfect. 

Best Strains for Female Arousal

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best strains for female arousal.                                                                                                                                   

  • One of the best strains to check out for female arousal is known as Blue Dream. Blue dream is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain of marijuana that is made by crossing Haze and Blueberry. It features a 30% THC level, and it has very strong cerebral stimulation effects. It’s going to make your head feel stimulated and your body feels relaxed. It’s well known for causing female arousal.
  • Another great strain of marijuana to check out for female arousal is known as Apple Gelato. Gelato strains in general are well known for causing female arousal, sexual stimulation, euphoria, and happiness, all of which are pretty ideal when it comes to having sex. With a THC level of well over 31%, this is one of the hardest-hitting strains out there at this time.
  • Fruit Bubblegum, a Sativa dominant strain, with 22.2% THC, is another one of these marijuana strains that are known for producing sensations of relaxation, euphoria, and sexual arousal. It’s also not quite as strong as the two others that we looked at, so it’s ideal if you want to actually remember what you did last night.

Best Strains for Sex

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best strains of weed to consume before having sex.

  • If you need a good strain of weed to make that sex last longer and feel better, then the super strong Judgement Day strain is worth checking out. It comes with nearly 32% THC and its effects are extremely euphoric and uplifting. It’s going to give you a whole lot of energy for a long afternoon of fun.
  • Amnesia Haze is another great city with strain for you to check out if you need some stimulation before sex. It comes in at just over 25% THC, so it is fairly strong. This strain is well known for producing euphoric and stimulating sensations. 

Other Interesting Facts

  • If you just need something that is going to help relax you a little bit without making you feel high, you might want to try some CBD gummies for sex. CBD gummies may relax you a little bit and arouse you too.
  • If you are feeling experimental, something else you can try doing is using some CBD oil for sex. This can help increase the amount of stimulation feel, and at the very least, it will act as a lubricant to make things go a bit smoother.
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