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Our Favorite Weed Accessories to Have Delivered in San Francisco

Try Doobie doesn’t only deliver weed in San Francisco but delivers all the accessories you need to have a relaxing night in. Here’s a list of our favorites that are available on our website right now.

1. 1 1/4 Size | Papers + Tips 

High-quality paper to roll your joints at home. RAW Classic Connoisseur 1¼ has everything you need to roll your own RAWthentic smokes in one easy-to-carry package. 

2. A Woman's Guide to Cannabis | Nikki Furrer

Who said smoking isn’t educational? On Try Doobie, you can order accompanying literature with your marijuana for your evening 

3. JANE Black Grinder

A grinder with a cute design? Yes, please.  Shop Jane’s effortless basics are made with high-quality craftsmanship and thoughtfully designed with style and comfort in mind thoughtfully designed with style and comfort in mind.

4. Blazy Tips | 50ct

Pink is the new Pink. Perforated Rolling Filter Tips to make your smoke session cute AF. 

5. 11oz Hand Poured Soy Candle

Who doesn’t love a candle? Tru Candle Studio is a St. Louis-based luxury fragrance company that produces a range of soy candles curated by hand.

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