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Is Weed Legal in New Jersey (And Paterson)?

Sure is! Recreational weed is legal in Paterson, New Jersey – as well as all of New Jersey – to New Jersey residents and/or visitors aged 21 and over. Have your government-issued ID handy, and you’re ready to go!

How Much Weed Can I Buy in New Jersey (And Paterson)?

With each New Jersey and Paterson weed transaction, individuals are allowed to purchase no more than:

  • 28.35 grams (1 ounce) of dried flower, OR
  • 4 grams of solid cannabis concentrates or resin, or the equivalent of 4 grams of concentrate in liquid form, OR
  • 4 grams of vaporized formulations (oil), OR
  • 1000 mg of multiple ingestible cannabis-infused products (i.e. 10 100 mg packages of items such as CBD gummies)
For more information regarding all of New Jersey’s weed laws, regulations, and updates, visit today.

A Little About Paterson

Paterson, New Jersey, is the state’s 3rd largest city, and the largest city in Passaic County.

Located just northwest of Newark, there’s lots to do in Paterson for practically everyone. If you want to enjoy the great outdoors, be sure to visit the scenic Paterson Great Falls, the second largest waterfall east of the Mississippi. Wanting a nice, relaxing, and fun stroll through the city? Check out Washington Market, a historical market district with lots of unique shops, restaurants, and things to do. Meanwhile, if you’re a history buff, check out the American Labor Museum, which details Paterson’s expansive role in the silk trade – as well as the site of the Great Paterson Silk Strike.

Fast delivery of cannabis flower, CBD gummies, tinctures, and vapes in Paterson

Frequently Asked Questions
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Reach out to the Doobie Concierge [email protected]
Is Doobie online weed delivery legal?
Yes, delivery of cannabis is legal in our delivery service areas.
What does Doobie do?
We like to think that Doobie delivers happiness. Doobie delivers your favorite weed and cannabis related products to your door. How dope is that?
Is Doobie a weed dispensary?
Not exactly, however, we do provide a similar experience. Just like a dispensary, we offer a wide variety of your favorite products and our trained customer service reps can answer all your questions. Unlike a dispensary, we deliver directly to your door...that way you can skip the lines.
How can I place my order with Doobie?
Place your weed delivery order on our website by simply adding products to your cart or let the Doobie Concierge place your order for you. Just call (888) 836 6243 or chat with us in the lower right corner.
Do I need my ID to order?
Yes. You must be 21 years of age or older and provide a valid government issued ID (eg, drivers license or passport).
How do I track the status of my delivery order?
After placing your order, you will receive a text message with real-time tracking of your delivery order, as well as live updates on our website.
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