Why Weed Delivery Services are Booming in New Jersey

Published: April 29, 2024

Although New Jersey only just legalized weed for adults over 21 years old in February 2021, the market has grown exponentially and done numbers in three years. In fact, the infant New Jersey market earned $800,279,300 in 2023 alone, showing the promise of potential. This is undoubtedly a huge milestone for the state, as back in 2021, 70% of the municipalities had opted out of allowing legal adult-use cannabis businesses to operate within their limits.

For the 30% of New Jersey municipalities, the prospects of cannabis legalization offered the potential for economic growth. As a result, these places allowed the establishment of weed retail dispensaries in their territories. However, more than three years later, retail dispensaries have embraced weed delivery service strategies. Needless to say, weed delivery as an angle of weed sales in New Jersey is booming like the rest of the burgeoning market.

But what exactly is the reason for this? Our guide below provides in-depth information on the reasons for the boom in New Jersey’s weed delivery services. 

How It All Began

It all started in 2021 when 22 municipalities in New Jersey chose to allow the establishment and operation of adult-use cannabis businesses, going against the decision of 70% of other municipalities who chose not to. While these municipalities first accepted the decision to legalize weed in New Jersey, many others soon began to embrace the decision and allow the operation of weed dispensaries.

Since the legalization of weed in the state, the municipalities within which cannabis businesses are allowed to operate have raked in large amounts of revenue. Although competition is quite stiff, with just 13 dispensaries recorded in 2023, it is impossible to ignore the success of the burgeoning market.

Over time, regulations have become clearer, and the customer base has expanded. More importantly, technological advancements, however small, have paved the way for the growth of the market. These features have contributed to the optimization of the cannabis market. However, one new feature that has now become a staple in the New Jersey cannabis market is the weed delivery service.

Weed delivery in New Jersey is exactly what it sounds like- doorstep delivery of weed to enthusiasts in the state. This is a major breakthrough for the state, contributing to the convenience and privacy of the consumers in municipalities where weed consumption is legal. After all, with services that make it possible to deliver weed products, consumers can maintain privacy while still easily getting access to recreational cannabis offerings.

Weed Delivery In New Jersey

Today, there are more than 70 weed dispensaries in New Jersey. Admittedly, competition in the New Jersey weed market is tight, mostly because the market is small and rather expensive. Still, the growth in the market and the branching into delivery of weed suggests the state manages to cater to its customers.

As the cannabis market in the state continues to grow, more and more legal retailers are creeping up on the scene. Many of these new retailers choose to offer delivery services of legal weed products in categories that include flower, concentrated oils, vapes, tinctures, topicals, edibles, and pre-rolls.

As with any brick-and-mortar New Jersey dispensary, weed delivery services in New Jersey require a license to operate. This license must be active and in good standing to grow, store, make, transport, sell, and test the weed products being released into the market.

The Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) first announced the inception of New Jersey delivery services in 2023, stating that the organization would soon begin to accept license applications. The license was described as a Class-6 delivery license that allows retailers to transport retail-purchased weed products to consumers’ homes.

While New Jersey might be late to the weed delivery movement compared to places such as Albany in New York, New Jersey undoubtedly has swiftly hopped on the trend, gearing the success of the already-growing weed market, today, many weed dispensaries offer discreet weed delivery services across the municipalities where their services are approved.

Why Weed Delivery Is Successful In New Jersey

The expansion of weed delivery services in New Jersey aligns with the state’s efforts to ensure transparency, accountability, and public safety within the cannabis industry. Altogether, these also play a role in the state’s aim to foster inclusivity, empower local communities, and, of course, generate more economic income that fosters economic growth.

The booming trend of weed delivery services in New Jersey can be attributed to several key factors that have collectively contributed to this sector’s rapid growth and popularity within the state. Of course, the most obvious contributing factor will be the legalization of weed and weed products in certain areas of the state. While this no doubt had a very rocky beginning, legalization played an integral role and a pivotal moment in reshaping the cannabis landscape in New Jersey. This legalization by legislation has led to a surge in demand for convenient and accessible ways to obtain weed products.

There are several reasons why weed delivery is booming in New Jersey. These include:

1. A Thirst For Convenience

The most significant driver behind the rise of weed delivery services is the convenience they offer to consumers. With the click of a button, cannabis users can access a wide array of weed products without the need to leave their homes.

This level of convenience is particularly beneficial for medical marijuana patients who may have mobility issues or health concerns that make visiting physical dispensaries challenging. However, even recreational users enjoy their fair share of benefits from the convenience this service provider offers.

Users should look for a cannabis delivery operator that offers a wide variety of products, does not mark up product costs, offers transparent pricing and a variety of payment methods, like Doobie.  Think about it as being able to Uber Eats your favorite weed experience.

2. Effective Regulatory Frameworks

Another reason why weed delivery New Jersey services are successful are the presence of stringent regulations that make the services possible. Stringent regulations in New Jersey ensure responsible and safe operation. These regulations include measures such as age restrictions, delivery hour limits, quantity regulations, and specified delivery areas to prevent underage access, late-night sales, excessive purchases, and interstate deliveries. Additionally, measures are implemented to protect the safety of delivery personnel and other road users, highlighting the importance of maintaining security standards in the delivery process.

3. A Strong Licensing Structure

The state’s licensing structure, with a focus on social equity and diversity initiatives, has facilitated the growth of weed delivery services by allowing a wider range of businesses to enter the market, promoting inclusivity and supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. By prioritizing social equity businesses, such as those owned by individuals with past cannabis convictions or from economically disadvantaged areas, the state aims to create a more inclusive and diverse cannabis market. This approach is crucial in ensuring that a wider range of entrepreneurs can participate in the industry, contributing to weed delivery services’ overall vibrancy and sustainability.

Essentially, the surge in weed delivery services in New Jersey can be attributed to a combination of factors, including the legalization of recreational cannabis, the convenience offered to consumers, the emphasis on safety and accountability, and the supportive regulatory framework that promotes social equity and diversity. As the weed delivery aspect of the cannabis market- and the cannabis industry as a whole- grows, it will continue to provide residents of the Garden State with a convenient and accessible way to access legal weed products.

Final Thoughts On Weed Delivery In New Jersey

As the cannabis market matures, the potential for growth and expansion in the weed delivery sector in New Jersey is promising. This growth will undoubtedly bring about certain changes in the infant market, beginning with the possibility of changes in regulatory frameworks with a potential of changes in municipalities that allow operation of weed retailing in their regions. Nevertheless, weed delivery operators like Doobie have changed the game in the market and will continue to hold a huge potential for the exponential growth of the weed market in New Jersey. 

Disclaimer: The content provided in this article is for informational purposes only. Please consume cannabis responsibly and follow all local laws and regulations.

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