Celebrating Women-Owned Cannabis for International Women’s Day

Published: March 8, 2024

It is high time that we take a moment to recognize the trailblazing women who have created space for themselves and other women in the cannabis industry. Long dominated by men, the cannabis market is witnessing a transformative shift as women step into ownership and leadership roles, driving both innovation and social equity in this rapidly growing sector. In honor of International Women’s Day, let’s explore and support women-owned and operated cannabis brands that are making their mark. 

Women-Owned Cannabis Brands Leading the Charge

From boutique strains to innovative accessories, women are leading the way across every aspect of the cannabis industry. Let’s take a closer look at some of the remarkable ventures led by female entrepreneurs. 

Women-Owned Cannabis Strains

“That Badu,” by Erykah Badu, is one example of a woman-owned cannabis strain that is about potency and empowerment. This strain is a collaboration with the Cookies brand and is Limoncello x Jet Fuel Gelato flower strain. “That Badu” is exclusively beginning its launch in California to celebrate International Women’s Day.  

Women-Owned Cannabis Brands & Accessories

From flower strains to edibles and home decor, women-owned cannabis brands are redefining equity and diversity in the market. Brands like “Her Highness” and “Edie Parker” offer top-tier cannabis products, but they have also brought whimsical pops of fashion and function to wearable cannabis and home accessories.

Women in the Culinary Industry

With a passion for culinary artistry and a love for cannabis, female chefs are taking the industry by storm. From infused dinners to cooking classes, these trailblazers are elevating the culinary landscape with their expertise and creativity. Having appeared on Bravo’s Top Chef and Netflix’s Cooking with Cannabis, Chef Cynthia Sestito offers “Cynfully Canna” private dinner bookings with delectable bites that are offered without cannabis. 

Highlighting a Black Female-Owned Cannabis Brand

It’s essential to recognize and uplift the voices of black women in the cannabis industry. Brands like “Gorilla Rx” are breaking barriers and paving the way for greater diversity and representation in the market. This California-based brand takes a conscious stance on supporting programs that focus on equity and community empowerment. 

You don’t have to own a flower or vape brand to take the industry by storm. Ardent, a cannabis decarboxylator, was created by activist and attorney Shanel Lindsay. This sleek cannabis accessory is a state-of-the-art kitchen gadget perfect for those looking to decarb, bake, and infuse cannabis products from the comfort of their own home. 

Supporting Women-Owned Cannabis Brands

THC/TAC content has long been how consumers choose to purchase cannabis products. An alternative way to select your cannabis products could be to base your cannabis selections on which brands you want to support. By supporting women-owned cannabis brands, consumers can help empower female entrepreneurs and promote gender equality in the industry. Here are some thoughtful ways to show your support:

  • Seek out women-owned brands when making purchasing decisions.
  • Share your favorite women-owned cannabis products on social media.
  • Attend events and workshops hosted by female entrepreneurs in the industry.
  • Advocate for policies that promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in the cannabis market.

Breaking the Stigma

Finally, let’s address the elephant in the room: the stigma surrounding female cannabis consumption. Women should feel empowered to make choices that align with their values and preferences without fear of judgment or shame. Whether it’s for relaxation, creativity, or wellness, cannabis consumption is a personal choice that should be celebrated.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s honor the women who are making history in the cannabis industry. From entrepreneurs and chefs to activists and advocates, their contributions are shaping the future of cannabis culture and paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable world. So here’s to the women-owned cannabis brands that are paving the way in the industry and to the women who feel good about their cannabis choices. Cheers to empowerment, diversity, and the incredible women leading the charge!

Looking to have your favorite women-owned weed brands delivered right to your door? Contact the Doobie Concierge at (888) 8-Doobie or visit Doobie online at trydoobie.com for fast, convenient weed delivery. 

Disclaimer:  The content provided in this article is for informational purposes only. Please consume cannabis responsibly and follow all local laws and regulations.

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