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Different Ways to Consume Weed from Flower to Weed Drinks

Published: September 13, 2023

Cannabis consumption has come a long way since the days of rolling joints and passing the pipe. With the growing state-wide legalization and acceptance of recreational-use cannabis, new and diverse consumption methods have emerged, each offering a unique and tailored experience. In this article, we’ll delve into the different ways to get high, covering everything from the classic flower to the innovative world of weed-infused beverages.

Weed Flower

When people think of consuming cannabis, it often involves rolling a joint or packing a bowl with dried cannabis flower buds. There are several ways to smoke weed, and consuming “weed flower” or “bud” remains a timeless and enduring choice among cannabis enthusiasts. Weed flower is often consumed using accessories like water pipes or “bongs,” pipes, and/or one-hitters. Approximately 25% of cannabis users prefer these smoking methods, making it popular.

Weed Joints

Rolling a weed joint, also known as a doobie, is considered an art form among cannabis enthusiasts. It’s more than just a method; it’s a social experience that involves preparing and sharing the joint among friends. This method combines the joy of crafting and smoking with the pleasure of savoring the natural flavors and aromas of the cannabis plant. For those less interested in rolling joints, pre-rolled joints – or pre-rolls – are commonly purchased for their convenience. Around 40% of cannabis users prefer this classic method of smoking weed flower.


Vaporizers, commonly referred to as vapes, have gained immense popularity in recent years due to their inconspicuous efficiency and portability. Vaping is widely considered a healthier alternative than smoking from a pipe or joint, and many people choose vaporization for this reason. Vaping involves heating cannabis to a temperature that releases cannabinoids and terpenes (the natural compounds in cannabis plants) without combustion. Vaporizing cannabis has gained a substantial following, with approximately 30% of cannabis users preferring the vape method. Learn how to find a vape that’s right for you here.


Cannabis-infused edibles offer a delightful and frequently flavorful way to enjoy weed without the need for smoking or vaping. From gummies to brownies to mints and more, the world of edibles offers a wide range of options, making them a favorite choice for those with a sweet tooth. Approximately 20% of cannabis users opt for edibles, appreciating the unique experience and long-lasting high that they provide. In fact, many consumers make their own weed edibles, cannabis sugar, and more. Edibles are considered a simple alternative to smoking, and users typically notice slow and steady effects that can build gradually over time.


Cannabis concentrates in forms like shatter, wax, and oil are highly potent extracts renowned for their high THC content. These concentrates are consumed by either dabbing or vaporizing. Concentrates have a smaller but dedicated following, with around 10% of cannabis users preferring this method due to its potency and the need for a special smoking device.


Tinctures are liquid extracts created by infusing cannabis into oil, vinegar, or alcohol. They work quickly and offer a discreet and precise method of cannabis consumption, as they can be added to food or beverages or taken sublingually (under the tongue). Tinctures have a moderate following, with around 15% of cannabis users choosing this method.


For individuals seeking the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabis without experiencing psychoactive effects, topicals such as creams, balms, and lotions offer localized relief for various skin conditions and muscle soreness. Approximately 5% of cannabis users prefer this method, appreciating its non-psychoactive nature and targeted relief.

Weed Drinks

One of the most exciting and recent developments in the cannabis industry is the emergence of weed-infused beverages. These innovative products provide a refreshing and convenient way to consume cannabis. Weed drinks provide a nice alternative to drinking alcoholic beverages, so they have become popular at social gatherings. Approximately 10% of cannabis users are showing increasing interest in this method. Popular brands include Cann, Ayrloom, and Wynk.

Weed consumption has evolved far beyond the traditional joint or pipe. From the classic appeal of smoking weed flower, to the modern convenience of vaporizers, the deliciousness of edibles, and the innovation of weed drinks, there’s a method for everyone. It is helpful to research if you are new to the word of cannabis to make sure you find the best fit for your needs. Explore the wild world of cannabis consumption and the different ways of getting high. 

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