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Best Weed Edibles for Delivery in Tucson, AZ

Cannabis-infused edibles provide an easy and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without…

Read time: 2min

Holiday Gift Boxes Available this Green Wednesday in San Francisco 

Looking for gift ideas this Green Wednesday?  Cannabis holiday gift boxes offered by Doobie’s partner…

Read time: 0min

11 Cannabis-Infused Chocolates We Love

If you are like us, then you are always looking for new and better ways…

Read time: 4min

Fernway Vapes are Now Available Direct-to-Consumer through Doobie Direct!

Doobie and leading vape brand Fernway have teamed up to bring Fernway’s popular vapes to…

Read time: 2min

Veterans Day

Veterans and Access to Cannabis Veterans consume cannabis at significantly…

Read time: 3min

Boston Book Festival

Doobie joins the 15th Annual Boston Book Festival, hosting its first-ever Weed & Read program!…

Read time: 2min

Our Favorite Weed Accessories to Have Delivered in San Francisco

Try Doobie doesn’t only deliver weed in San Francisco but delivers all the accessories you…

Read time: 1min

Is There Such a Thing as Too High?

If you are planning on smoking, vaping, or eating some THC, then your main goal…

Read time: 5min

We Tested CBD Gel Capsules and This is What We Found.

If you have never taken CBD gel capsules before, then you might be a bit…

Read time: 5min

What To Do When You Get Too High

If you smoked a little bit too much weed with way too much THC for…

Read time: 5min

Best Strains to Avoid the Munchies

Smoking weed can be a whole lot of fun and quite therapeutic too. That said,…

Read time: 5min

Top THC Vapes to Get Delivered in St. Louis

For those of you who like to vape, sure, you can run around from one…

Read time: 5min

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